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“Enlightened”-Freed from ignorance and misinformation, an enlightened people, an enlightened time.

Pathway- a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action. A spiritual pathway is the
way a person most naturally connects to God and grows spiritually.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalms 119:105 

Enlightened Pathway Services

Honor and Majesty are before him; Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary Psalm 96:6 NKJV

Kingdom Men’s Ministry- is determined to impart God's wisdom into the lives of men, teaching how to be “Strong” not only physically but spiritually. Helping men win in personal life living as well as the workforce to demonstrate Christ in every aspect of daily living.

Kingdom Women’s Ministry- is dedicated to empower women in every area of their life, making a difference from home to the workplace and shining in their individuality…while speaking to the Inner Beauty… the “Inner You”

Counseling - We are dedicated to giving directional views to help you through the challenging times according to the word of God.  Working together we will design and enact a plan that will help you live a life operating in the fundamentals of the Word of God.


Pre-Marital Counseling-  There has to be a high priority  of preparation for couples considering marriage.  We want to help you evaluate your relationship for potential problems before your ceremony. Many issues that cause stress in marriage are manageable with good pre-marital therapy. How many times have you heard a couple say they were young, or that they didn’t know what they were getting themselves in to? Or maybe you’ve been married before and want to know that the common denominator from your last marriage (you) are ready to move forward and make new habits, patterns and communication patterns? A good marriage takes a lifetime of work and it’s never too early to start, even before you make your vows. 

Marriage Therapy-  All marriages have ups and downs. It’s what happens as you journey through life together. There are times challenges occurs, which is not uncommon. Most of the time couples are able to use this to work on communication and it can strengthen your bond. When marital problems increase in frequency, intensity, or if the foundation of the marriage is in jeopardy, counseling is a great option. If you’re willing to do the work, your marriage can be restored. We can help serve for insight, and mediation and would love the opportunity to work with you!

Individual Therapy-  We work with a variety of situations and provide services that range from Pre-Marital Therapy, Couples Counseling and more we can help with.


Situations we have experience and enjoy working with in individual therapy include:

Self Management


Life Transitions

Family Conflict


Marital and Premarital

Men’s Subjects

Women’s Subjects


Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

For more information or to inquire about our services and engagement availibity:


Call: 405-600-5427

For prayer request or services, please fill out this form.
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